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For all house builders, delivering new-build projects on-time and on-budget is essential. But damage to flooring, furnishing and door frames is a real possibility with so many trades on the property, and disruptions to schedules is not uncommon.

We can help you minimise the chance of delays, cut costs, and prevent accidental damage on site. At Protec, our range of temporary protection materials have been specially designed to support house building projects and protect all types of surfaces.

Take a look below to see how we can ensure a smooth house build for you, like the dozens of other contractors and building firms we help in the UK.

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Ian calls it:

“An essential means of avoiding disruption to my build schedules, ensuring each house is handed over in show home condition.”

Protect new homes at every stage of the building process

We understand the fierce demand for new homes, and we know how much pressure house builders are under to stick to tight schedules and deliver completed projects in as short a time as possible.

Let us help you relieve some of the stress and worry, with the tools you need to handover a new home in perfect condition. Our temporary protection products will:

  • Ensure you can maximise profit and avoid delays
  • Help you prevent any snagging issues before handover
  • Save you money on repairs and replacements for damaged parts

Whether it’s protection for newly installed doorframes or glass windows, or a final cover to prevent dirt and dust on newly laid carpets, our expert team can advise on the perfect products for your project, and help you deliver a new-build to homeowners in pristine condition.

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Enhance your company brand whilst
protecting your reputation.

On residential new-build projects, show homes and passing traffic are key to maximising sales and profits. Our protection materials can also help you promote your brand whilst preventing damage and delay!

We can custom-print a large number of our temporary protection products with your logo, your straplines and your contact details, so the general public will recognise your brand. You’ll protect your reputation by showcasing your commitment to preventing damage, and be advertising your new-build homes.

Our own in-house custom-printing facility can help you brand a range of protection materials for both interior and exterior use, including carpet protection film, scaffolding covers, banner rolls and fencing screens.

Take a look below to see how you can brand your building site, and get in touch to see how we can help.