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ZipWall® Zipper Kit

Our zipper kit creates a temporary access solution in polythene

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Kit comprises 2 x 7ft HD Zips, Zipwall Cutting Tool and 2 x Tie Backs £19.92 (£16.60 Ex. VAT)
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  • This is an accesory to the ZipWall Pole System and is different to the Zip Door Kit product which is used to seal a standalone doorway. For an all in one door screen solution see the Zip Door Kit in the associated products below.
  • Self adhesive The zip system adheres directly to the screening material
  • Heavy duty two sided zip Allows access and locking from both sides of the screen
  • Adaptable Can be used to create a door of any size
  • Flexible Can be used with any type of screening material
  • Includes Zipper knife To safely and quickly cut the doorway avoiding zipper jams
  • Includes tie backs To secure the opening during use

The ZipWall® system is self-adhesive and is quick and simple to install. The zip kit comes complete with a unique, safe to use zipper knife that double cuts the sheetings to prevent zipper jamming. This is an accessory to ZipWall and to be used in conjunction with the full system and not to be used to seal a standalone doorway.

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