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Zip Door Kit

Zip Door Dust Screen Kit will seal any doorway within a minute

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Standard Door Size (fits up to 0.9m x 2.1m) Pack Comprises: Polythene Dust Barrier with Integrated Zips, Double-sided Tape, Hooks £34.86 (£29.05 Ex. VAT)
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  • Zip Door Dust Screen be re-used with purchase of additional Zip Door tape
  • The Zip Door cover is assembled in less than 1 minute No training needed, zips are pre-installed
  • The Kit includes hooks for suspension of door flap Provides easy access during renovation projects
  • Specially designed double-sided tape Makes application easy
  • Professional appearance Enhances on-site image and improves your reputation
  • Cost & time savings Prevents lengthy clean-up times

Renovation and refurbishment projects can create a lot of dust which can be extremely damaging to health, especially if you need to live in a property whilst their is work being done.

Zip Door is a simple solution for blocking the spread of dust at doorways and entrances. Zip Doors instantly act as temporary anti dust barriers by containing dust to one room.

This amazing dust containment system can be installed in under a minute so that your home is protected from the dispersion of dust during any project. The new Zip Door™ dust barrier can be fitted to most doorways and seals the room to stop the transfer of dust, dirt and debris.

The zips are pre-installed and the zip door kit also includes hooks for suspension of the door flap. This solution not only improves on-site image but also provides a simple alternative to lengthy clean-up times and costs.

Our Zip Door Tape is effective for 2-4 weeks depending on how often it is repositioned. We generally dont recommend leaving Zip Door in place for longer than 4 weeks in particularly dusty environments as a large amount of dust particles can clog up the zips.

Click here is you are looking to put a zipper on polythene to create temporary access in a wall. 

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