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ZipPole™ Zip Wall Kit

ZipWall ZipKit Temporary Dust Barrier System for Ceiling Heights up to 3m

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2 Pole Kit: (1.27m - 3m height) Kit comprises 2 Poles only £82.67 (£68.89 Ex. VAT)
In stock
4 Pole Kit: (1.27m - 3m height) Kit also comprises Zipper Kit & Carry Bag £176.29 (£146.91 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Uses Award Winning ZipPoles™ Patented twist-locking, spring-loaded design.
  • Quick to install temporary dust wall. Prevent the spread of dust and smell zip barriers for sealing rooms.
  • Easy to use dust wall No tape, no ladders, no damage.
  • Flexible Adapts to required height (1.27m - 3m)
  • Lightweight ZipPole™ Each pole weighs just 0.68kg
  • Seal rooms from dust in offices, home or industrial sites during building work.
  • Dust Containment Wall perfect for project such as floor sanding
  • Strong Dust Containment Unit. Steel tube construction supports up to 36kg making this dust containment system ideal during construction projects and dust containment in factories.

The ZipWall ZipPole™ kit is a popular dust wall sheathing material for use whilst sanding, plastering and use in factories to contain dust to a specific area. 

The ZipWall ZipPole™ kit creates a dust containment enclosure by using strong, spring-loaded poles which attach easily from the floor to ceiling. The ZipPole™ works with plastic or cloth sheeting screening materials. Please be aware that this dust containment unit does not include polythene, we would recommend purchasing 500 Gauge Polythene

To use the ZipWall ZipPole™ dust containment tent, simply lift the pole to tuck the polythene sheeting underneath. The Spring Loaded Poles will maintain constant tension on the pole, compensating for movement in the ceiling or floor. The Spring Loaded Poles are very strong so if the poles are bumped or if there is a lot of air movement on the construction site, the poles will remain constant tension.

Additional stability is ensured with a non-skid, non-marking pad at the top of the pole which grips the ceiling, while the non-skid GripDisk™ keeps the foot of the pole and the sheeting locked in position on the floor.

The Spring Loaded Poles should be placed every 2.5m to 3m (or closer if there is a lot of air movement).

The ZipPole™ can be used with Foam Rails™ in our ZipWall Kit to create a continuous seal along the ceiling.

The 4 Pole Kit contains 4 ZipPole™ steel Spring Loaded Poles, plus a head plate, tether, and GripDisk™ for each pole. The 4 Pole Kit also includes a heavy duty Carry Bag, and a box of 2 Standard Zippers. 

The 2 Pole Kit contains 2 ZipPole™ steel Spring Loaded Poles, plus a head plate, tether, and GripDisk™ for each pole.


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