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Ultra Low Tack Tape

Delicate Surface Ultra Low Tack Black Tape for use on Powder Coated Surfaces

50mm x 100m Roll £12.37 (£10.31 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Syntha Pulvin Approved Tape which is suitable for powder coated surfaces
  • Mask surfaces quickly and easily
  • Unique, Ultra low-tack tape adhesive No residue when removed
  • Great for masking off delicate surfaces Use tape on highly finished surfaces
  • Low Tack Tape is ideal for masking, joining and finishing

Protec's Ultra Low Tack Tape is the tape of choice for masking off surfaces with high gloss or powder coated finishes. The unique low-tack adhesive ensures no residue is left on the surface it adheres to meaning it is the tape of choice for a lot of decorators. It is also great tape to use when fixing temporary protection to highly finished surfaces. You should always test your tape and its adhesive before applying to highly finished surfaces. 

Protec stocks a comprehensive range of fixing tapes to suit all applications whether they are to be used for jointing or sticking to finished surfaces. If you are unsure of which tape is best for your application contact our customer service team or use the LiveChat facility on our website located to the right of the webpage.

Before Applying tape to finished surfaces, Protec always recommend a trial should be carried out to test suitability. Please ring our technical staff for specific advice. We do not recommend applying tape to veneer doors and recommend the use of our protective Door Sleeves for this application. Should you require samples of any of our adhesive tapes, please call on Freephone 0800 834 704.


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