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Window Protection

Newly installed windows need to be protected from unnecessary damage, whilst DIY projects can lead to accidental cracks, chips and breakages if you’re not careful. We have many different options for all types of window protection. 


Secure windows with safety film and glass protectors

All glass walls and windows need to be protected when carrying out construction or refurbishment work. They’re often fitted before interior work is completed, and can be easily broken or scratched. Fitting an effective glass protector saves time and money on replacements.

Window protection film is quick and easy to apply, giving you complete peace of mind right after installation. The protective safety film is designed specifically for glass and is self-adhesive.

Glass and window sill protection for internal and external windows

We also stock a range of peel on and peel off sprays, alongside Proplex window protection boards, to make sure we can protect every type of window or glass surface. These include both flame retardant and non-flame retardant glass protection options.

Exterior windows can also be easily damaged by rainwater runoff and outdoor construction work. As well as covering windows securely, we can also provide window sill protection to ensure that falling objects will not cause any problems or costly repairs.

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