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Door & Frame Protection

Protect recently installed doors and doorframes until the inside of a project is finished, and stop any unwanted damage during home renovation projects with our full range of temporary protection materials, including sleeves, panels and edge protectors.


Temporary door protectors and doorframe protection

Door and door frames are often installed during the build process, with contractors and tradespeople continually moving back and forth between them. Avoid the additional cost of replacements or repairs by using door protectors and door frame protection, and minimise the potential for damage.

Door covers – or door protection sheets – are the ideal solution to protect beautifully finished doors from bangs, scratches or even spillages. The cost of a door protector is nothing compared to replacing that door, and we have a huge selection of easy-to-apply materials for door protection.

Avoid chips and scrape marks with door frame protectors 

When you’re moving equipment or furniture through a home, it’s easy to catch a door frame and unwittingly take a chunk out of it. We have a wide range of protectors for door frames to prevent this costly accident from happening.

Make sure all exposed door edges, and door hinges are safe from damage with our doorframe protection. Our extensive range includes both Flame Retardant LPCB Approved and Non Flame Retardant grades – just use the filters above to find what you need. 

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  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

    In stock

  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

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