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TPS Polythene Sheeting Roll (Medium)

Multi-folded TPS Polythene Sheeting rolls

4m x 50m Roll £22.22 (£18.52 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Low cost material Cost effective
  • Available in large 4m wide rolls Covers large areas quickly
  • Flexible material Ideal for draping or hanging
  • Lightweight multi-folded rolls Easy to handle and install

Protec’s TPS Plastic Sheeting Roll is an ideal solution for protecting equipment or furniture for general storage or transit protection for home, office, factory or hospital use. Temporary plastic sheeting rolls are an indispensible choice if you have a renovating or remodelling project. 

If you need a more heavy duty plastic sheeting roll, view here.

All of our rolls of polythene are multi-folded. For example, a 4m wide sheet of plastic will be folded to create a 1m wide roll, for ease of storage. Simply unfold as you unroll it. 

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