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Zipwall® is one of the most popular temporary screening brands in the UK. Easy-to-use and very effective, it’s an ideal way to contain dust and dirt in a work environment, preventing transfer to other rooms and saving on clean-up time and costs.

Our full range of Zipwall® products and kits ensure setting up a temporary screen is quick and simple. It’s a great way to maintain a professional appearance during any project too, and reassure customers their homes are protected. You can purchase either the whole ZipWall® temporary screening kit, or the individual accessories and components.

The benefits of Zip Wall®

Thanks to its design and functionality, the ZipWall® screening system can be installed in just 5 minutes, by a single person. So there’s no waiting around on a project – an instant barrier against dust and dirt can be erected right away, protecting any area outside of it.

The ZipWall® product range includes a range of additional features, like a re-sealable door system, for access into and out of the work area, and Tight-Seal™ accessories so you don’t need to tape the screen to any finished edges. The clamps, rails and props can all be re-used, and it’s easy to transport in the the ZipWall® carry bag. Most importantly, you can create the exact length, height and shape of the temporary screen you need, in no time at all. 

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  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

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  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

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