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Compare all Temporary Screens and Partitions products (14 products)

Compare all temporary screening products from Protec including the Zipwall Temporary Screening System, flame retardant barrier sheet and caution tape.

  • 500 Gauge Polythene

    500 Gauge Polythene 

    Multi-Folded Clear Plastic Sheeting On A Roll

    4m x 25m Roll £47.47 (£39.56 Ex. VAT)
  • Firescreen


    Protec Firescreen is a Fire Barrier with one hour integrity against smoke and flames

    1.3m x 25m Roll £296.02 (£246.68 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Heavy Duty

    FR Polythene - Heavy Duty 

    Protective heavy duty polythene film

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 25m Roll £131.05 (£109.21 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Light Duty

    FR Polythene - Light Duty 

    Cover, drape and hang Protec Flame Retardant White Polythene Sheeting

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 50m Roll £131.05 (£109.21 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Medium Duty

    FR Polythene - Medium Duty 

    High quality protective flat white polythene sheeting

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 50m Roll £189.37 (£157.81 Ex. VAT)
  • Zip Door Kit

    Zip Door Kit 

    Zip Door Dust Screen Kit will seal any doorway within a minute

    Standard Door Size (fits up to 0.9m x 2.1m) Pack Comprises: Polythene Dust Barrier with Integrated Zips, Double-sided Tape, Hooks £34.86 (£29.05 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipPole™ Zip Wall Kit

    ZipPole™ Zip Wall Kit 

    ZipWall ZipKit Temporary Dust Barrier System for Ceiling Heights up to 3m

    2 Pole Kit: (1.27m - 3m height) Kit comprises 2 Poles only £82.67 (£68.89 Ex. VAT)
    4 Pole Kit: (1.27m - 3m height) Kit also comprises Zipper Kit & Carry Bag £176.29 (£146.91 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall<sup>®</sup> Zip Door Tape

    ZipWall® Zip Door Tape 

    The easiest way to re-use your ZipDoor Kit

  • ZipWall® 6m Pole

    ZipWall® 6m Pole 

    ZipWall® 6m poles are easily installed up to heights of 6m

    6m Pole £99.46 (£82.88 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall® Carry Bag

    ZipWall® Carry Bag 

    For transporting all your Zipwall poles/accessories

    Suitable for carrying Zipwall Poles of all sizes plus accessories £38.88 (£32.40 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall® Pole (3.66m)

    ZipWall® Pole (3.66m) 

    ZipWall® Telescopic Extendable and Adjustable Poles for Dust Protection

    3.66m Pole £41.99 (£34.99 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall® Tight-Seal™ Foam Rail

    ZipWall® Tight-Seal™ Foam Rail 

    Tight-seal foam rail for a re-usable, temporary dust screen with no need for tape

    (2 Pack) 1.52m length Foam Rails (To be used in conjunction with Zipwall Poles) £52.79 (£43.99 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall® Tight-Seal™ Side Clamp

    ZipWall® Tight-Seal™ Side Clamp 

    The side clamp allows a tight seal on dust screens

    2 pack (To be used in conjunction with Zipwall Poles and Foam Rails) £52.79 (£43.99 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall® Zipper Kit

    ZipWall® Zipper Kit 

    Our zipper kit creates a temporary access solution in polythene

    Kit comprises 2 x 7ft HD Zips, Zipwall Cutting Tool and 2 x Tie Backs £19.92 (£16.60 Ex. VAT)