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Temporary Screens and Partitions


According to Health & Safety research dust inhalation on construction sites affects many thousands of workers throughout the UK every year.

Dust from internal works, particularly in occupied areas causes disruption and can damage your reputation through a poorly presented site, not to mention the time and cost of cleanup.

For this reason Protec supply many temporary screens and temporary partition walls for building a temporary screening partition during construction work. Protec supplies the award winning, patented Zipwall screening system and screening materials. Protec's screening materials are popular for temporary factory partitioning and temporary partitions for construction. Our range of temporary site screens and partitions products include both Flame Retardant LPCB Approved and Non Flame Retardant grades.

Recent Temporary Screens and Partitions news from our blog

Dust Screening Protection during construction

Limit dust while sanding floors or walls during redecoration or refurbishmentWhether your redecorating your walls with a new lick of paint or sanding off your floors, the resultant dust can be an absolute mess. Take a look a how to stop the spread of dust.When carrying out redecoration of a room and any plastering of walls and ceilings, sometimes they need to be filled and sanded to smoothen any rough patches. This often means that things are going to get dusty! There's no way round dust being made but there are certainly steps that can be taken to limit the mess…

Alternative Uses for Zipwall Props

The Zipwall props and accessories stocked by Protec are primarily supplied and used for temporary screening applications, indeed much of our marketing effort on this product range is geared toward informing contractors and clients alike of the extensive benefits of using the Zipwall screening system in place of inferior temporary screening systems, wooden hoarding or no screening at all.Zipwall is a fantastic screening system that allows the user to construct a dust screen quickly and easily without the need of ladders, tape or timber but aside from screening…

Factory Partitioning With Promesh

 Temporary Factory Partitioning Solutions for Live Factory EnvironmentsProtec have been helping various contractors with temporary protection for over 20 years. In that time, the situation where maintenance, repair or refurb contractors have requested solutions to screen off areas of a live warehouse or factory have come up numerous times.Under CDM regulations 2007 (Construction Design and Management legislation, any project over either 30 days or 500 man hours has to be notified to the Health and Safety Executive and then these regulations adhered to), you have to create a barrier between a live factory floor and the project area.The solution that is often turned to is heras…

ZipWall Kit: 10 Reasons Why You Need One

We didn’t need to spend long writing what we think makes the ZipWall Kit amazing as our customers love it so much they have told us all about it. From tradesmen to DIY’ers, project managers on Construction sites to customers who are having their property renovated, here is why they think the ZipWall is great:1)     ZipPole Stops Dust Particles from Spreading“I'm renovating a house and it helps keep the dust and dirt in the parts where I'm working away from the rest of the house.” Nicky J2)     Prevents Dust Aggravated Asthma During Renovation Projects“My husband and I both suffer…

Considerate Builders Are Using TrapMats

Are you a considerate builder?The impact of refurbishment on the home is huge. Intrusion, noise, dust and dirt are all part and parcel of a renovation project that may deter some customers from pursuing a refurbishment. Whether your client is acquiring an extension, a new conservatory or simply a new fireplace, there are a number of ways in which you can minimalise these, to ensure a smooth and satisfactory development.Using a dirt trap mat is a great way to prevent the mess you create from spreading throughout the house. Place them at all main doorway entrances to catch dirt…