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Temporary Downpipe

Temporary Rainwater Downpipe Sleeve prevents damage and staining to brickwork

254mm x 200m Layflat Polythene Tube with 25 Cable Ties £70.78 (£58.98 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Layflat temporary plastic downpipe tubes is easy to store
  • Attach sleeve to guttering easily with cable ties Protec supplies you with 25 free cable ties free of charge
  • Tube diameter is 254 mm which fits all standard outlets
  • Heavy duty polythene material Suitable for use over long periods
  • 200 metre length plastic polythene pipe Can be cut to any size and used time again
  • Protec's temporary downpipe sleeve is popular for use in residential or commercial projects

Protect new builds during construction works from rainwater staining with Protec's temporary downpipe sleeve.

Protec's temporary down pipe sleeve is a popular material for protecting stone facades, brick elevations and woodwork from being damaged from unsightly rainwater staining and damage during construction and building projects. It is the best way to protect masonry from staining during a construction project until a permanent donwpipe fixture can be installed. 

Protec's downpipe is a 200 m long flexible and heavy duty polythene sleeve. When you buy Protec's temporary downpipe sleeve, you get free cable ties to attach the sleeve to the guttering. The cable ties can be easily removed prior to fitting the permanent drain pipe. Protec's temporary rainwater pipes effectively ensure rainwater drains to prrevent damage to the permanent drain pipe.

Protec's temporary downpipe sleeve is also known as elephant trunking and rain water socks. For more information on other names for temporary downpipe, please see our blog article

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