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TecDura Sticky Mat

Prevent slips, trips and falls on construction sites or during events with Protec’s new non slip material which is also LPS 1207

TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll £417.84 (£348.20 Ex. VAT)
In stock
TecDura Medium Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll £531.60 (£443.00 Ex. VAT)
In stock
Flame Retardant Certificate
LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
Cert. No 1214a/02
  • Health and Safety Slip Resistant Rating of 52 when wet
  • Patented adhesive means no grit, dirt and grime gets underneath TecDura to cause scratches to the surface underneath
  • Two options to choose from which means you get the level of protection you need for your project
  • LPS 1207 smoke and fire resistant approved material
  • UKAS accredited 20 mgsqm² breathable material makes it perfect for use on timber and natural stones
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles
  • No need for a chippy or skilled labourer as TecDura is quick and easy to apply
  • Non toxic, bacteria, mould and UV resistant so surfaces will be completed protected from staining
  • Remains effective for 6-12 months which saves time and money in replacing lower quality materials.
  • TecDura is also impermeable to liquid which means that it prevents stains from paint, plaster and cement.
  • Low tack version available on request, call 0800 834 704 for more information.
  • No tape and no mess

Many construction sites use felt, a hardboard sheet and plywood to ensure a floor is protected from impact damage. However, this often leads to uneven surfaces, which results in slips and trips. Using multiple materials also results in a lot of landfill wastage and does not protect against every potential kind of surface damage, such as mould, UV bleaching and dirt scratches.

TecDura is an all encompassing protective material, designed to protect almost any surface from any sort of damage, for the duration of even some of the longest construction projects. However, TecDura not only protects the surface material, it also helps improve the health and safety on construction sites. TecDura is not only a LPS 1207 approved fire resistant material, it is also slip resistant when wet to H&S rating 52.

Tecdura is available in two different formats; Yellow and White.

Yellow Medium Duty TecDura:

The Yellow TecDura roll is a medium duty roll is ideal for protecting staircases during construction projects. TecDura uses a high-technology, patented adhesive which makes it quick and easy to attach to staircases. TecDura is far more effective at protecting against slips and trips than most other stair protectors as the high quality adhesive ensures that TecDura will remain securely attached to the stairs for up to 9 months.

White Light Duty TecDura:

The White TecDura is a light duty roll is ideal for using on low exposure areas which need to look professional, such as concierge areas will also be used by the general public. The White TecDura material is also ideal for protecting other surfaces such as door frames, doors, cupboards and precast staircases. White TecDura can also be used to protect powder coated surfaces.  It can be relied on to protect surfaces for approximately 12 months.

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