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TecDura Sticky Mat

Prevents slips, trips and falls on construction sites.

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Key Features

  • Smoke and fire resistant and approved to LPS 1207 standard.
  • Health and Safety Slip Resistant Rating of 52, when wet.
  • Patented adhesive to prevent scratches caused by grit, dirt and grime.
  • Quick and easy to apply without skilled labour.
  • Improved and reliable protection from staining.
  • Lasts for up to 6-12 months with optimum results.
  • No tape, no mess.

Product Overview

Our heavy duty, TecDura Sticky Mat has been created using our new non-slip, smoke and fire resistant material for maximum safety on construction, building and renovation sites. It also has a Health and Safety Slip Resistant Rating of 52 for maximum protection on site.

As well as reducing the risks of accidents, the TecDura Stick Mat also provides optimum protection against surface damage, including mould, UV bleaching and scratches from dirt, grit and grime. This is because of its all encompassing protective material that lasts up to 6-12 months, perfect for protecting floors from impact damage during long lasting construction projects.


Using UKAS accredited 20 mgsqm² breathable material, ideal for timber and natural stones, and manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, this product delivers a high quality yet cost effective protection solution to all kinds of staining.

While age old protective solutions like felt, hardboard and plywood cause uneven surfaces that increases the risks of slips and trips, this practical and modern solution is easy to apply to most surfaces without causing landfill waste.

This product is available in two formats:

Yellow Medium Duty TecDura

Our medium duty roll is ideal for protecting staircases during construction projects.

Offering effective protection against slips and trips and available with a high quality adhesive, this product will remain securely attached for up to 9 months.

White Light Duty TecDura:

Our light duty roll is perfect for low exposure areas that need protection, but also need to look professional – such as concierge areas and spaces used by the general public.

Our White Light Duty material is suitable for protection other surfaces, like door frames, doors, cupboards and precast staircases. It can also be used to protect powder coated surfaces, and can be applied for up to 12 months.

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