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Trailing power leads are an accident waiting to happen - the Skyhook Cable Support is the answer

Pack of 100 £186.60 (£155.50 Ex. VAT)
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  • Makes the site a safer place of work Prevents damage to power leads and reduces the risks of trip hazards.
  • Versatile Skyhook can be used as a temporary cable support by hooking it over items such as floor joists or ceiling grids, or screwing the support into a strong ceiling surface, or even attaching it to a wall.
  • Reduces the risk of electrocution from damaged cables Made out of a non-conductive material
  • Wire and cable holder
  • Highly visible Skyhook Cable Supports are manufactured in bright yellow so they are easily seen

The Skyhook Cable Support is a versatile product that eliminates damage to power leads and reduces the risk of trip hazards on your site.
The Skyhook has been warmly welcomed by the UK Health and Safety Executive as an excellent cable support for temporary protection in construction and refurbishment environments.

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