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Window Protection Film

Self Adhesive Glass and Window Protective Film

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600mm x 25m Roll £30.77 (£25.64 Ex. VAT)
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600mm x 100m Roll £78.30 (£65.25 Ex. VAT)
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  • Temporary Window Protection Film to repel water, paint and mortar splashes
  • Ideal for construction window and glass protection
  • Low tack adhesive film leaves no residue
  • Lightweight, easy roll installation
  • Translucent film allows natural light through
  • Continuous UV resistance throughout use. Sun Protection Film for windows

Protec’s 600mm x 25m Self Adhesive Window Film Protector is a translucent low tack window and glass protection film, ideal for the protection of windows, glazed panels and window frames. The clear film sticks to windows and frames without the need for taping to provide cost effective protection from water, paint, and dirt and mortar damage.

Windows are very susceptible to scratches, paint and plaster splashes, especially during building, construction or decoration projects. Self adhesive protective film for windows can help you avoid the additional cost of extensive cleaning or window replacement.

The Self Adhesive Window Protector is quick and simple to apply straight from the roll. Large glazed areas can be covered in minutes. The low tack adhesive leaves no residue behind once removed.

The product is not recommended for use on Pilkington Suncool™ glass or similar coated solar control products. We always suggest Self Adhesive Window Protector is not left in place for longer than 4 weeks and should be replaced if protection is needed for longer.
Please contact our technical team on Freephone 0800 834 704 for more information on protecting coated glass products.

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