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Scaffolding Accessories and Ties

  • Scaffold Ties

    Scaffold Ties 

    Elasticated bungee scaffold ties popular for securing scaffold sheeting to structure

    305mm (100 Pack) £37.58 (£31.32 Ex. VAT)
  • Anti-Slip Tape

    Anti-Slip Tape 

    Multi Purpose Anti-Slip Adhesive Tape

    25mm x 18.2m Roll £19.88 (£16.57 Ex. VAT)
  • Nylon Cable Ties

    Nylon Cable Ties 

    Heavy duty Nylon Cable Ties also known as Ratchet Ties

    300mm (100 pack) £10.49 (£8.74 Ex. VAT)
  • Scaffold Foam Protectors

    Scaffold Foam Protectors 

    High-vis Scaffold Foam Protectors for impact protection on Scaffold Poles

    2m O-Profile Foam Tube £5.05 (£4.21 Ex. VAT)