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Rigid Edge Protector

Solid board laminated edge protection is recycled and biodegradable

50mm x 50mm x 2m £1.31 (£1.09 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Use to reinforce box edges or protect material corners on pallets.
  • Pre-formed right angle Suitable for protecting any 90 degree edge
  • Easily cut to size Can be adapted to suit requirement
  • Lightweight and manageable Fixed quickly in place
  • Rigid & hardwearing Absorbs all types of impact
  • 4mm thick for durable protection

A rigid 4mm thick fibreboard edge protector, which is pre-formed to a 50mm x 50mm right angle to give exceptional strength and unbeatable impact resistance to material edges.

Protec rigid edge protectors are ideal for protecting exposed edges of materials being put on pallets, for strengthening packaging and protecting goods during transportation and warehousing. 

Protec edge protectors are lightweight and manageable which means they can be easily cut to size and are simple and quick to fix.

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