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Scaffold Foam Protectors

High-vis Scaffold Foam Protectors for impact protection on Scaffold Poles

2m O-Profile Foam Tube £5.05 (£4.21 Ex. VAT)
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  • Scaffold Foam Protectors in yellow offer high-visibility for alerting pedestrians to take care.
  • Protec's Scaffold protection tubing is recommended by Safety Officers for putting on scaffold poles.
  • Applications of Scaffold protective sleeves: help improve work place health and safety, safety on construction sites.
  • Protec Scaffold foam protectors provides excellent compression and impact resistance.
  • The scaffold foam tube protectors are lightweight & re-usable. This means that Protec's Scaffold Protection tubes are easy to handle, install & remove.

Proscaff High-Visibility scaffold protection tubes for wrapping around scaffolding poles and pipes, have been designed to provide impact protection and hazard awareness around scaffolding structures for pedestrians and employees of the scaffold poles. Protec's foam tube sleeves are often found fitted to ground level scaffolding supports, but can be used at any level of the scaffold structure.

Protec yellow high visibility scaffold tubes are made from high-density foam. The foam materials is supplied pre-slit and should be secured with high visibility cable ties to ensure visibility of the scaffold poles.

Scaffold foam protectors are also known as hi visibility protection foam sleeve, health & safety foam sleeves, Scaffold tube protection sleeve, scaffold sleeves and also hazard protection foam. 

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