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Proplex FR HD

New Proplex® FR HD, specially developed to provide extra tough hard-wearing protection

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This product is Made in GB
Proplex FR HD 2.4m x 1.2m Twinwall Sheet £26.98 (£22.48 Ex. VAT)
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Flame Retardant Certificate
LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
Cert. No 843a/03
  • Manufactured from Flame Retardant Polypropylene
  • LPCB Approved, satisfies requirements of Joint Code of Practice
  • Made in Britain
  • Unique design, giving greater compression strength
  • Stronger uprights offer greater rigidity
  • Contains post industrial recycled component
  • Can be fully recycled unlike timber products (Closed loop supply)
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Water, oil and chemical resistant
  • Doesn't warp when wet
  • Can be simply cut on site without creating harmful dust
  • Lightweight and easy to handle compared with timber board equivalents
  • Performs for the duration of the project even when heavily trafficked
  • Low cost custom printing option available

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New Proplex® FR HD from Protec International Ltd, has been specially developed to provide extra tough hard-wearing protection to any surface which might be susceptible to impact damage.  Being certificated to the Loss Prevention Standard LPS1207, it has the added advantage of meeting the requirements of the 9th edition of Fire Prevention on Construction Sites: The Joint Code of Practice.

Manufactured from a high density 1200gsm Flame Retardant polypropylene, Proplex® FR HD is uniquely engineered to absorb shocks, knocks or bangs.  The twinwall structure is designed to give the sheet greater compression and impact resistance, meaning it is just as well suited to heavy vehicular traffic as it is impact from height.

Unlike traditional heavy weight timber protection products, Proplex® FR HD is easy to cut on site without creating harmful dust.  It is also lightweight and easy to handle and won't warp when wet.  Site safety being a paramount concern, it is difficult to overlook the benefits offered by this product.

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