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Proplex 2mm Roll

Protect floors of all types and quickly cover other large surface areas with this Proplex 2mm corrugated plastic roll.

These 2mm rolls of highly effective temporary protection plastic material are easy to lay on top of flooring both inside and outside, as they’re waterproof and non-toxic, suitable for all surfaces. Strong and durable, the corrugated plastic is resistant to impact, punctures and compression.

Available in 50m rolls, calculate the quantity you’ll need and add to your basket below. 

This product is Made in GB
1.2m x 50m Roll £125.00 (£104.17 Ex. VAT)
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  • Strong Corrugated Sheets Easy to cut, crease and bend but still durable and lightweight protection
  • Proplex Floor Protector Rolls are ideal for protecting large Building & Construction floors and surfaces
  • Covers large surface areas quickly Proplex Floor Protector rolls are 50m long
  • Compression, puncture and impact resistant floor protector roll
  • Waterproof Use Proplex floor protector roll indoors or outside for construction projects
  • Non toxic and resistant to chemicals Proplex is even popular for use around pets
  • Custom Print your Proplex Roll
  • Very similar to Correx corrugated plastic sheeting

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Our Proplex 2mm corrugated plastic floor protector rolls are easy to lay across all flooring types. We designed them to cover large surface areas as quickly and simply as possible, whilst still offering maximum protection to accidental damage.

The corrugated plastic material is ideal for covering floors of all types, and can also be used on doors, walls and windows. It’s very similar to Correx, and requires less jointing than traditional corrugated board products.

These Proplex 2mm rolls are also waterproof. Use them indoors or outdoors wherever you need to protect material from impact or exposure. They’re non-toxic as well, which means they’re suitable for use in homes with children and pets.

As an ideal alternative to traditional hardboard, these rolls are extremely easy to use and are similar to Correx products. They provide outstanding temporary protection for a variety of internal and external surfaces, fixtures, fittings and floor types.

Our blog explains more of the benefits of Proplex, and you can see the full range of products here. To match your needs, Proplex is also available:

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