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Proplex 2mm Roll

Protects floors both inside and outside.

  • 1.2m x 50m Roll

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Product overview

Effectively protect floors and quickly cover large surface areas with our Proplex 2mm corrugated plastic roll.

Designed with corrugated plastic, a strong and durable material, these 2mm rolls are highly resistance to impact, punctures and compressions. This is what makes them an effective temporary protective solution for flooring both inside and outside. Waterproof and non-toxic, this product is suitable to lay on top of all floor surfaces.


Our 2mm roll is an efficient solution to materials at risk of impact of exposure. As well as being easy to quickly lay across all flooring type, the product offers maximum protection against accidental damage.   

It’s very similar to Correx, and requires less jointing than traditional corrugated board products. And as they are waterproof and non-toxic, you can use these Proplex 2mm rolls both indoors and outdoors. .

Our blog explains more of the benefits of Proplex, and you can see the full range of products here. To match your needs, Proplex is also available:

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Key features

  • Ideal for protecting large building and construction floors and surfaces.
  • Compression, puncture, and impact resistant floor protector roll
  • Easy to cut, crease and bend, with durable and lightweight protection.
  • 50m long, so you can cover surfaces efficiently.

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