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500 Gauge Polythene

Multi-Folded Clear Plastic Sheeting On A Roll

4m x 25m Roll £47.47 (£39.56 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Medium Duty, 500 Gauge (125 micron) Polythene
  • Lightweight multi-folded rolls which are easy to handle and install
  • Available in large 4m wide rolls, they are ideal for draping and hanging
  • Multi-purpose product, popular for use with the ZipWall Poles
  • Cost-effective

Protec's 500 Gauge Polythene sheeting on a roll is a cost-effective medium duty, general purpose protective material, widely used for draping over fixtures and fittings.

The large format, yet manageable rolls make this grade a popular screening material. Our 4 metre wide 500 Gauge Polythene Sheeting Rolls are the perfect size for using with a Zipwall Kit to protect against dust.

If you think you need a more heavy or a lighter duty polythene roll, why not read our guide to Polythene Sheeting. However, we would advice using 500 Gauge Polythene for the following usages:

  • Use with the Zip Wall Poles to create a dust free tent
  • Protect plants in winter
  • Cover furniture during construction, refurbishment and renovation projects

However, if you are looking for a more heavy duty polythene sheet, you may prefer 1000 Gauge sheeting (250 micron).



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