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1000 Gauge Polythene

Black BBA Approved Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

4m x 25m Roll £46.92 (£39.10 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • BBA Approved Damp Proof Membrane
  • 100% recyclable and manufactured from recycled materials
  • 1000 Gauge (250 micron), Extremely heavy duty polythene sheeting
  • Waterproof and Rot Proof Membrane.
  • Perfect for protecting roofing, protection against weather, mixing cement or as a temporary protection material during a move or construction project.
  • Multi-folded for ease of handling, just unfold and install

Protec’s BBA Approved 1000 Gauge heavy duty polythene sheeting is a recycled and fully recyclable heavy duty polyethylene damp proof membrane (DPM) used to prevent moisture transmission.  Protec's heavy duty 1000 Gauge polythene sheeting acts either as an oversite membrane, between a blinded hard core bed and the base concrete, or as a sandwich membrane in base concrete floor or between the base concrete and screed

BBA Damp Proof Membranes comply with the relevant Building Regulations and prevent moisture rising into a building.  The large format rolls are easy to lay and very durable.  This BBA black plastic sheeting roll is a very competitive buy.

As a multi purpose building product, 1000 Gauge polythene sheeting is also widely used for mixing cement, as a temporary roof covering and can be used for most other industrial protection applications.  Protec's 1000 Gauge polythene has also been used to protect items in transit, for example, 1000 gauge polythene was used by Eye Music Trust to transport artwork structures in transit. 

Not sure whether Protec's 1000 Gauge Polythene is best for your job? Read our blog article on choosing the best polythene sheeting for your job. 

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