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This product is made to order, so cannot be purchased online.

15L Tub £POA
  • Call our technical team Free on 0800 834 704 to discuss your requirement
  • Simple to apply and remove from windows and glass
  • Can be applied to glass that isn't clean
  • Leave PeelGard Window Protection in place for up to 12 months
  • Weather-resistant & leaves no residue when peeled off
  • Protects windows and any other surface from all types of damage

Specially developed to protect windows during construction, PeelGard from Protec is a weather resistant spray on or roller applied coating which when dry forms a skin tight plastic film over the window and frame. Once construction is complete this coating is simply peeled away to leave the original surface looking and feeling like new.

Recommended use with either lambs wool roller or airless spray gun.  Please ring our technical staff for specific advice. We do not recommend other application methods.  Should you require a sample of PeelGard®, please call on Freephone 0800 834 704.

PeelGard® products cannot be applied if the temperature is below freezing or in rainfall. If the surface is likely to be exposed to direct rainfall before the PeelGard® product has dried do not apply.



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