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Large Bubble Wrap

Impact resistant large bubble wrap roll

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1200mm x 50m Roll (Large Bubbles) £47.30 (£39.42 Ex. VAT)
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  • Multiple use wrapping, surface protection and insulation material
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Each Bubble is large 20mm x 6mm for extra impact resistance
  • Compression, impact and scratch resistant
  • Covers large areas quickly

Large Bubble Wrap rolls with large bubbles are designed to cushion and protect fragile articles from potential impact. Commonly used for wrapping and packaging breakable items, large bubble wrap is also used in commercial construction and building projects to protect vulnerable surfaces.

Large bubble bubble wrap, each bubble has a dimension of 20mm x 6mm. Made from tough 45 micron polythene.

Protec also supplies Small-bubbleSelf-adhesive and Flame Retardant plastic bubble wrap rolls.

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