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Hessian Cloth

Roll of Hessian material for brickwork protection from frost

1.37m x 42m Roll £46.82 (£39.02 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Naturally Biodegradable Hessian Material
  • Manufactured from Jute
  • Popular for use on building sites to protect brickwork from frost
  • Used in Horticulture to protect plants from frost

Hessian Fabric Cloth or Burlap, is a multipurpose traditional temporary protection material made from Jute. Hessian cloth has a rough texture, is breathable and is naturally biodegradeable. 

As an eco-friendly temporary protection solution, Protec’s Hessian Cloth Roll is often used in construction to protect brickworks, mortar and concrete during the cold period. However, Hessian Fabric Material is also used by gardeners to protect tree and shrub roots during cold weather. 

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