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Heavy Duty Trapmat

Industrial Tacky Mats for dust and dirt containment

610mm x 915mm Mat with 36 Peelable Layers £76.61 (£63.84 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Collect Dust and Dirt at doorways and entrances so floors aren't damaged
  • Prevent dirt and debris transfer into clean areas
  • Heavy duty mat is perfect for industrial usage
  • Non slip base with rigid surround, no fixing required

Protec heavy duty trap mats are tacky mats that instantly capture site dirt and debris from heavy foot traffic, preventing the transfer of building site dust and dirt into clean areas.

The multi-layered, low-profile tacky mats provide a strong adhesive surface to trap dust and dirt on contact. Each of the 36 high-tack sheets can be simply peeled off when full to reveal the next clean layer.

Encased in a rigid surround with a non-slip base, the sticky mats do not require fixing. Their compact nature means Protec heavy duty trapmats are quick and easy to install, providing instant dust and dirt containment.

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