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Glazing Protection Products


With window glazing being very susceptible to scratches, paint and plaster splashes, it makes sense to avoid the extra cost of extensive cleaning or indeed replacement by using an effective window protection material.

For this reason Protec stocks a wide range of effective temporary glazing & Window protection solutions for many different types of types of glass.

Our range of glazing protection products includes both Flame Retardant LPCB Approved and Non Flame Retardant grades.

Recent Glazing Protection Products news from our blog

How much time and money do you waste on costly remedial work?

On-site damage to windows or frames can often result in expensive cleaning or repair costs, extreme damage can require complete replacement, resulting in long and costly contract delays. One of Protec's solutions to protecting the glazing and frames on construction and renovation sites is PeelGard, a specially developed spray or roll on protective coating, which when dry will offer protection for up to 12 months . One of our customers, who specialise in building luxury apartments has seen their costs for repairing scratches fall from £30,000 to zero from utilising PeelGard on their projects. How to protect your glazing using PeelGard. Firstly, speak to…

16 PeelGard Uses: The Spray-On, Peel-off Protector

PeelGard - Spray-on Coatings for Temporary Window Protection, Masking, Decoration and Long-Term PreservationProtec have offered PeelGard as part of their temporary protection range for a while now and is very popular as a coating to temporarily protect windows and glazing. What is not known is that PeelGard works great on virtually all non-porous surfaces. This means that PeelGard is a great option when meeting the demand of many industrial applications, not just surface protection, but also masking, decoration, and long term preservation.PeelGard is a peelable protective coating designed for internal use on most non-porous surfaces such as; plastics,…

Protec Accepted for Made in Britain Marque

Protec International Ltd are delighted to announce that their Proplex product range has been accepted for using the Made in Britain marque.The Made in Britain campaign was borne from the research cooker manufacturer, Stoves, commissioned in 2011 to find out how British Adults made buying choices surrounding products manufactured in Britain. The research found that consumers preferred to purchase locally manufactured products, but found it difficult to recognise products which were completely Made in Britain. The objectives of using the Made in Britain marque is to make it easy for customers to recognise which products have been completely manufactured in…