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Stone & Ceramic Floor Protection

Stone or ceramic flooring cannot be easily replaced, and any chips, scratches or dents can be hard to repair. We have an extensive range of temporary protection materials to cover all types of stone floors.


Protect stone floors from costly mistakes and accidental damage

Stone & concrete floor protection is essential during any redecoration or construction project. Cracks and chips are extremely difficult to repair, and a full replacement would be a huge expense. Protect it from dropped tools, heavy equipment and even spills from liquids, with our stone floor protectors.

Our range of Proplex corrugated plastic boards and rolls are the ideal solution to ensure stone floors stay free from damage during any work. Available in several different thicknesses, you can match the temporary floor protection to the tasks you are carrying out. 

Save on repairs and replacements with ceramic floor tile protection

The temporary materials you choose for stone flooring protection should also protect lighter furniture from being damaged by the hard floor during moves, and our products will do just that. Many are flame retardant to LPS 1207 certification, ensuring compliance with the Joint Code of Practice.

Stone floor protection can be used to prevent damage to any ceramic flooring too, with both light and heavy duty options available. And for recently installed floors, our breathable membrane covering prevents sweating, allows for drying and still protects the surface underneath.

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