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Screed Floor Protection

Laying a screed floor can be a difficult and time-consuming job, so it’s essential you have the right concrete floor protection in place to cover those areas you have completed. We have a range of easy-to-install options to choose from. 


Protect newly laid screed and prevent floor failure

If you’ve just gone through the time, the effort and the expense to lay a perfectly flat screed floor, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined during the final stages of curing and drying. That’s why you need screed floor protection.

Appropriate protection is essential for any new screed flooring. It should help to maintain the necessary temperature and moisture conditions for curing, and prevent any contamination from other construction work.

Allow a concrete floor to breathe with screed floor protection

Our range of screed floor protectors will make sure any new floor is protected from damage, dirt and accidental spills. During the first days of curing, the screed floor needs to breathe whilst still being protected from the elements. Our Breathershield breathable floor protector is the perfect option.

Once the screen has dried out, you’ll still want to ensure you have full floor protection until the final finish is applied. Our range of Proplex products are well suited for this task, with both flame retardant (to LPCB standards) and non-flame retardant products available. 

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