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External Ground Protection

Move equipment and machinery around a construction site safely and securely with ground protection designed for every surface. Our heavy duty tiles are a great option for preventing damage to lawns, paths and walkways. 


Keep exterior areas safe and undamaged with effective ground protection

Solid ground protection is the foundation for any successful project. Whatever type of ground you need to cover to prevent damage to – grass, concrete, soil or tarmac – our range of protective solutions will help you save time and money. Put the right ground protection in place before a project begins, and you’ll prevent costly delays, unsightly damage and expensive repairs.

Exterior ground protection keeps site traffic moving, protects lawns & paths, and ensures any completed groundwork will be safe from accidental damage. Our heavy duty RhinoTiles are ideal for protecting against vehicular traffic, whilst our TrackTiles are a great way to keep any grassy areas fresh, healthy and undamaged. 

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  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

    In stock

  • TecDura Light Duty Stickymat 1.04m X 50m Roll

    £26.98 £22.48 Ex. VAT

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