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Door Protector Sheet FR

Door-sized corrugated sheet for Flame Retardant door protection

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2m x 0.85m (Door size) Twinwall Sheet £4.25 (£3.54 Ex. VAT)
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Flame Retardant Certificate
LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
Cert. No 843a/03
  • Effective protection for interior and exterior doors
  • Flame Retardant and approved to LPS 1207 standard
  • Lightweight, waterproof and extremely strong
  • Tough, durable and impact resistant
  • Waterproof, non toxic and resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to cut, crease and bend
  • Produced by ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Opportunity to custom print door protector
  • Very similar to Correx corrugated plastic sheeting

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Proplex 2mm door-sized flame retardant corrugated plastic sheeting can be easily cut to size providing effective temporary door protection for interior and exterior doors.

The corrugated plastic sheets are constructed of fluted twin-wall sheets to create a rigid, compression and impact resistant board. Lightweight and extremely strong, Proplex 2mm Flame Retardant door size corrugated plastic sheets can prevent damage to doors and frames during building, construction and refurbishment projects.

Proplex Flame Retardant corrugated plastic sheeting is also available in easy to apply 2mm rolls, clear or black recycled material and 2mm, 3mm or 4mm thicknesses.

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