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Scaffold Ties

Elasticated bungee scaffold ties popular for securing scaffold sheeting to structure

305mm (100 Pack) £37.58 (£31.32 Ex. VAT)
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  • It's recommended that 150 scaffold ties are used for each roll of 2m x 45m sheet
  • It's advised a minimum of 1 tie used per metre of scaffold sheet in either direction
  • All our scaffolding products and elasticated scaffold ties are designed to break in unusually strong winds in an aim to alleviate the pressure on the structure as a whole

Elasticated Sacffold ties are used for attaching scaffold sheeting to scaffold structure. The structure must be designed to all relevant BS standards and codes of practice to acommodate the increase in wind loadings. Only qualified scaffolders should undertake the installation of Protec Scaffold Sheeting with elasticated ties. These Elasticated Ties have been specially developed for use with Proscaff, Digiscaff and other Protec designed scaffold protection and exceed the minimum requirements of British Standard BS 7955. It is recommended that 150 ties are used for each roll of 2m x 45m sheeting placed at a minimum of 1 tie used per metre in either direction.

The relevant scaffold sheeting should be installed on the outside of the scaffolding either via the eyelets or re-inforced bands. This allows the sheeting to detach in high winds, as per its design, alleviating the build up of pressure on the structure. All eyelets and bands have been positioned with a view for the sheeting to be installed horizontally however it can be installed vertically aslong as at least one fixing of an elasticated tie is placed every 1 metre in either direction.

When used in conjunction with the elasticated ties, all of Protec's scaffold sheeting range is designed to detach in high winds.

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