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Cotton Dust Sheets

Cotton Twill Dust Sheets are ideal for protecting finished surfaces when decorating

3.66m x 2.75m Sheet £9.90 (£8.25 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Ideal for Decorators and Painters
  • 100% Cotton Twill Dust Sheets
  • Large Dust Sheets: 3.66m x 2.75m

Protec’s cotton dust sheets are made from 100% cotton twill. Ideal for all trades but are popular decorating sheets, these dust sheets are perfect for preventing dust and debris from getting hardwood flooring dirty.

 Each dust sheet is 3.66m x 2.75m and when ordered before 5pm, is despatched same day.  These dust sheets are ideal for protecting work areas when decorating or carrying out DIY projects.

For more floor protection options, view our floor protection range where Protec supplies a range of are self adhesive protectors for stairs, polythene sheets, and waterproof sheets.

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