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Cushion Bubble Wrap Roll gives Flame Retardant surface protection

1.5m x 100m Roll £220.80 (£184.00 Ex. VAT)
In stock
Flame Retardant Certificate
LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
Cert. No 843a/01
  • Fit CushionGard FR Surface Protection Roll is easily around mullions, with no need for cutting or jointing together.
  • CushionGard FR is ideal for wrapping around awkward surfaces
  • Lightweight like bubble wrap, yet provides superior impact resistance with great flexibility
  • Double layered surface protection makes CushionGard FR stronger than bubblewrap.
  • Flame Retardant Surface Protection is LPCB approved

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CushionGard®FR cushion bubble wrap roll provides multi-purpose, highly versatile and durable surface protection. CushionGard®FR contains bubbles sandwiched between two layers of film to give more effective protection than simply using bubble wrap. As a flexible, lightweight material, CushionGard®FR can be used to protect facades, curtain walling and windows. CushionGard®FR cushion wrap surface protection is also waterproof, resistant to most chemicals, offers UV protection and delivers outstanding performance without compromising on durability.

CushionGard®FR is approved by the LPCB to the Loss Prevention Standard LPS1207. Find out what this means here.

When you are finished with CushionGard®FR, please recycle it. 

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Insulating Shed Surface SolutionRecently we were contacted by a member of the public who had an issue with condensation inside his newly purchased Metal Shed.The thing took 4 days to build!! It was completed only for the owner to discover condensation occurring inside. A cost effective way of insulating the inside of the shed was needed.Flame Retardancy was important due to the types of works being undertaken inside – sparks could fly! Samples were posted of the Proplex 4mm FR 1.22m x 2.44m, CushionGard FR and our Blue FR Foam material.