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U-profile Handrail Protector

Cushioned foam u-profile stair handrail protector

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2m Foam U-Profile £2.84 (£2.37 Ex. VAT)
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  • Quick and easy to apply handrail protection
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Foam Handrail protector
  • Self-gripping, no need for fixing with tape
  • Lightweight and flexible

The U-profile Handrail Protector from Protec is a re-usable, self-gripping and easy to install cushioned foam profile that protects stair handrails from damage.

The lightweight stair handrail protector is shaped to clip directly onto the handrail without the need for additional fixing. Its closed cell foam structure prevents scratching and absorbs impact.

As the U-profile Handrail Protector cuts easily to size it can be quickly and easily adapted to suit individual staircase requirements.

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