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Adhesive Remover

3M Citrus Adhesive Residue Cleaner Spray

500ml Aerosol Spray £27.16 (£22.63 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Eliminate sticky residue with 3M Extra Strong Adhesive Cleaner
  • 100% active ingredients means that there is a pleasant citrus smell
  • Aerosol spray can for quick and easy application
  • Remove glue and dirt quickly and effectively
  • Versatile, can be used on a number of surfaces including sticky floor adhesive or on tools, motors and metal parts
  • Shift oil stains on paved areas
  • A must for flooring companies
  • Popular for boat interiors

Remove glue and stubborn stains from doors, floors, concrete and windows with our powerful 3M "Scotch-Weld"TM Citrus Adhesive Remover Spray. It is a heavy-duty cleaner for removing adhesive residues. 

3M "Scotch-Weld"TM Citrus Adhesive Remover Spray has 100% active ingredients and will remove grease, oils, tar, grime and adhesive residue. 


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