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Non-slip, flame retardant carpet protection for use during final construction stages to protect carpets and stairs.

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Key Features

  • Adheres to carpet without leaving residue
  • Anti-slip and anti-trip self adhesive carpet protector
  • Lightweight, reverse wound rolls
  • Flame Retardant - approved to Certifire (Cert. CF5088) and compliant with Joint Code of Practice

Product Overview

Our self-adhesive Carpetshield®FR has been specifically designed to offer reliable protection for carpets during construction and renovation projects.

Designed as a high-quality self-adhesive option, our Flame Retardant Carpetshield®FR provides an advanced barrier against spills, debris, and heavy foot traffic. Use on carpeted walkways, corridors, and stairways.

It is also easy to apply and can be removed without leaving residue, for an improved end result. This is because it has a unique, low tack adhesive backing that is reverse wound (adhesive side outermost).


By removing the need for taping, you can simply ‘kick’ the roll across the surface and enjoy the effective protection. Then, peel away with ease.

Carpetshield®FR meets the Certifire Flame Retardant standard and complies with the requirements set out in the construction industry's Joint Code of Practice, so you can eliminate the risk of uninsured losses.

If you’re not looking for a Flame Retardant carpet protector, our non-flame retardant carpet protection film is of equally excellent quality. 

Carpetshield®FR also makes the perfect temporary floor covering for parties, to prevent carpets from being damaged whilst you have all your friends over. We advise that any self-adhesive plastic floor covering is left down for a maximum of 4 weeks before being replaced, if needed. You should always test the product on a small area of the floor surface before applying.

Important Note: 

This product is designed for application to short pile synthetic fibre carpets and when removed should not leave any adhesive residue or damage to the carpet. The product is NOT recommended for use on other surfaces and is not suitable for use on rugs, loose fitting carpet tiles, worn or long pile natural fibre carpets, such as wool. There are other products available within the Protec range that are suitable and ideal for use on marble, tile and other hard floor surface. 


For further advice on choosing the most suitable floor protection for your project, or more information on how Carpetshield®FR could help you meet your insurance provisions call Protec on 0800 834 704 or you can e-mail us

Customer Reviews

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  • Hannah Rhodes
    13th Jan 2015

    Usage: Carpet protection during a party

    Protected AND cleaned!

    I used this to protect my carpets during a New Years Eve party. It worked so well and it only took me about half an hour to do the whole house! Pulling it up afterwards actually seemed to make my carpets even clearer than they were before! In addition the roll was huge so I've got loads left for future parties!

  • Peter Williams
    15th Dec 2011

    Usage: Protecting domestic carpets during decorating operations. Providing a medium term (max 4 weeks) covering for walked areas (hallways and adjacent to external entry doors) against dirty footwear during interior building work.

    Guaranteed First Class Protection

    A very easy to use product that provided comprehensive protection to domestic carpets during decorating and building operations. Significally, tradesmen who had not encountered such a product on other building jobs were very impressed by the convenience and efficiency

  • Bryan D
    31st Oct 2011

    Usage: To protect office carpets during redecorations

    A walk in the park

    Having used many types of carpet protectors over the years, we were keen to try this one. So easy to use, rolls out better than other brands, a walk in the park compared to some. Being Flame Retardant too was another big plus. Removed very easily with no residue left. A must if you need to protect carpets.

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