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Carpet Protection Film

Self adhesive plastic carpet protection film, prevents damage from spills, debris, and heavy footing.

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Key Features

  • Easy to lay and simple to remove.
  • Lightweight, management rolls.
  • Reverse wound with low tack adhesive
  • Quick to remove
  • No need for taping

Product Overview

Our Carpet Protection Film is a high quality, low-tack self-adhesive film specifically designed for covering carpets.

Offering superior protection, this carpet protector prevents and protects against damage typical in wet trades like building, painting, and DIY projects.

The low tack adhesive backing is compatible with most carpet types, which means there is no need for additional taping throughout your project. 

The reverse wound structure of these lightweight rolls also makes the film easy to apply and simple to remove, without marking or damaging the new carpet.

You’ll also receive a partial leftover roll to use post-decorating, to help protect your new carpet. 


Important Note:

This product is designed for application to short pile synthetic fibre carpets and when removed should not leave any adhesive residue or damage to the carpet. The product is NOT recommended for use on other surfaces and is not suitable for use on rugs, loose fitting carpet tiles, worn or long pile natural fibre carpets, such as wool. There are other products available within the Protec range that are suitable and ideal for use on marble, tile and other hard floor surface. 


Customer Reviews

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  • Guy Blanchard
    1st Sep 2017

    Usage: Protecting new polyester deep pile carpet during redecoration.

    Sticky, tough, very very worth it.

    During a decoration project involving Stripping wall coverings filling, sanding, gloss work and emulsion. All done in a recently carpeted room. Film was relatively easily applied once you understand how the stuff moves and sticks. It really does stick though! Incredibly tough too, I was very surprised how resistant it was to the general abuse during these kind of works. Removal was at around 22 days, and to be honest I was very worried there would be adhesive residue left. And there was absolutely nothing left behind. So very impressed, and will definitely use again.

  • K.B
    21st Nov 2016

    Usage: Protecting a white carpet during a party

    Perfect for parties!

    I was a bit sceptical/nervous when I put this down as it's like thick sticky cling film, but it worked a treat and protected the white carpet against 35 people dancing on it in outdoor shoes (some with heels) and children smearing pizza and chocolate everywhere. Peeled off easily and quickly, no residue at all and the carpet is as white as it was before. Very happy customer - looking forward to more parties in future!

  • Tom
    18th Mar 2015

    Usage: Protecting carpets during construction

    great product

    This carpet protection film is much better than any I've used before. Although it's tacky it didn't leave any residue like cheaper ones, so when finished just pull it up and even meant I didn't need to Hoover. Service from Protec was great, it was next day delivery, I would definitely recommend using this.

  • Roland Jenner
    21st Sep 2012

    Usage: Protecting bedroom carpet

    Difficult to start

    Great product when down except took me an hour prise the start of the reel. The film is so transparent that its starting edge blends perfectly with the rest of the roll. Be good to have some sort of leading edge marker. Will have to look at another solution.

  • Chris W
    14th Feb 2012

    Usage: 17 Year old's birthday party

    Party protection

    This product saved our new carpets from my daughter's 17th birthday party (over 38 people in our 4 bed house). This is a fabulous product and I would recommend it to anyone, be aware though that you need more than you think - the 25 metre roll only just covered two rooms (not that big) luckily we ordered 2 rolls - next time I'd buy the 100m roll to ensure I had enough for more carpets. Great product

  • Simon O
    4th Oct 2011

    Usage: Protection of carpets in existing offices

    Very good product

    We used this product whilst carrying out works in occupied offices. It stuck down to the carpet well, but more importantly came up well leaving no residue and nice clean carpets.

  • R.P.
    7th Sep 2011

    Usage: protecting carpets

    Good product

    easy to apply, easy to remove when necessary

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