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Compare all Masonry and Brickwork Protection products (10 products)

Compare all temporary masonry and brickwork protection products from Protec including premium hessian roll, polythene sheeting, easy to use pallet wrap and cushioned foam stone cill protectors.

  • 1000 Gauge Polythene

    1000 Gauge Polythene  

    Black BBA Approved Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

    4m x 25m Roll £46.92 (£39.10 Ex. VAT)
  • 500 Gauge Polythene

    500 Gauge Polythene 

    Multi-Folded Clear Plastic Sheeting On A Roll

    4m x 25m Roll £47.47 (£39.56 Ex. VAT)
  • Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

    Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 

    Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Sheets 100% Waterproof, Rot Proof and Tear Resistant

    3.5m x 5.4m Sheet £20.60 (£17.17 Ex. VAT)
  • Hessian Cloth

    Hessian Cloth 

    Roll of Hessian material for brickwork protection from frost

    1.37m x 42m Roll £46.82 (£39.02 Ex. VAT)
  • Nylon Cable Ties

    Nylon Cable Ties 

    Heavy duty Nylon Cable Ties also known as Ratchet Ties

    300mm (100 pack) £10.49 (£8.74 Ex. VAT)
  • Pallet Wrap

    Pallet Wrap 

    Clear Plastic Pallet Wrap Film

    400mm x 300m Roll with Extended Core (For ease of use) £19.37 (£16.14 Ex. VAT)
  • Sill Protectors

    Sill Protectors 

    Protect Stone Sills during construction projects with cushioned foam tube

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    2m £11.47 (£9.56 Ex. VAT)
  • Temporary Downpipe

    Temporary Downpipe 

    Temporary Rainwater Downpipe Sleeve prevents damage and staining to brickwork

    254mm x 200m Layflat Polythene Tube with 25 Cable Ties £70.78 (£58.98 Ex. VAT)
  • TPS Polythene Sheeting (Heavy)

    TPS Polythene Sheeting (Heavy) 

    Multi-folded Polythene Sheeting rolls for construction

    4m x 25m Roll £22.22 (£18.52 Ex. VAT)
  • TPS Polythene Sheeting Roll (Medium)

    TPS Polythene Sheeting Roll (Medium) 

    Multi-folded TPS Polythene Sheeting rolls

    4m x 50m Roll £22.22 (£18.52 Ex. VAT)