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Breathershield® FR

Ensure newly laid flooring can breathe easily, whilst still protecting the surface with our unique permeable, flame retardant material - BreatherShield®.

It provides perfect floor protection for uncured surfaces, and is easy to roll out quickly and effectively. The flexible and lightweight breathable material is easily cut, but strong and resistant to rips or tears. It’s spill and water resistant too, and certified flame retardant to LPS 1207 standard.

BreatherShield® is available in 100m rolls, with a width of 1m. Measure your requirements and add rolls to your basket below.

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1m x 100m Roll £101.09 (£84.24 Ex. VAT)
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Flame Retardant Certificate
LPCB Approved to LPS 1207
Cert. No 843a/02
  • Suitable for newly finished wood, vinyl, stone, tiled and screed flooring
  • Permeable membrane allows floors to breathe. BreatherShield FR will prevent natural flooring materials misshaping during construction projects.
  • Breathershield is a Flame Retardant Floor Protector which has been approved to the LPS 1207 standard
  • Flexible & lightweight material, rip, tear, water & spill resistant
  • Please Recycle Breathershield. Product is 100% recyclable
  • Popular for use on School Hall Floors, Supermarket floors, hospital and museum floors during building and refurbishment projects

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We developed BreatherShield® as a breathable, yet water resistant floor covering for our customers in the construction and refurbishment sectors. It’s an effective protective solution that allows work to continue whilst sensitive new surfaces continue drying and curing.

BreatherShield® is the perfect solid hardwood floor protection solution because it allows natural materials to cure straight after the new wooden floor has been laid. It also works great with other types of surfaces, including vinyl, stone, screed and tiling.

The material we use has been specially designed by our team of experts at Protec, ensuring it’s both breathable and durable. It’s tear and rip resistant, as well as being made from recycled materials, and can withstand water spills. The surface is soft yet strong, and it non-abrasive to prevent any damage or scratches to that new flooring.

If your site needs to comply to LPS 1207 standard, BreatherShield® is fully flame retardant and conforms to The Code of Joint Practice. It’s the perfect flame retardant protective material that doesn’t trap moisture, with a permeable membrane that allows vapour transmission and prevents sweating.

So if you need to protect new floors from spillages, debris and dust, try BreatherShield® floor protection roll. The shrink wrapped rolls are easily cut, handled and fitted by one person, and will stop your newly laid floors from suffocating and misshaping. 

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