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Rubble Bags

- Black Polythene Rubble Bags are reusable and recyclable

508mm x 762mm (100 pack) £23.98 (£19.98 Ex. VAT)
  • Hard-wearing Rubble Bags Strong Polythene Bags makes them reusable and recyclable
  • Essential Building supplies Use to remove building waste, sand, gravel and rubble
  • Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks

Protec's hardwearing and reusable rubble bags are recylcable, strong, tear resistant and durable. 


These Rubble Bags have a large capacity making them ideal for storing or disposing of a wide range of items such as sand, gravel, rubble and building waste. 


They provide an ideal solution for the transport of all awkward materials. Supplied in cartons of 100.

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