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Overshoes Automatic Dispenser

Automatic plastic overshoes dispenser

Overshoes Dispenser Re-fill Pack (2,000 overshoes) £124.42 (£103.68 Ex. VAT)
In stock
Overshoes Automatic Dispenser (incl. FREE carrying case + 100 overshoes) £140.64 (£117.20 Ex. VAT)
In stock
  • Includes FREE carrying case + 100 overshoes
  • Easy to load & simple to use
  • Fits up to size 14 on shoes and up to size 12 on site rigger boots
  • Professional appearance, saves time & cleaning bills

Precision engineered and designed to the highest standard, it is simple to load and even easier to use. With one click the grippy, high denier overshoes are on your feet.

The starter pack comes complete with the stylish aluminium cased dispenser, 100 overshoes, a one year warranty and a free carry case. The overshoes are available from stock in bulk refill packs of 2,000. Each dispenser comes with a full set of instructions for reloading overshoes.

In order to attach the overshoes all you have to do is place each foot one after the other into the dispenser box on the floor. The overshoe completely encapsulates the foot in the time it takes to place a foot down firmly and lift it up again. In a completely hands-free operation any dirt, bugs or bacteria is safely contained within the overshoe, making the further spread of contamination and dirt unlikely.

The overshoe is light, durable, non-staining and biodegradable. They are textured to provide grip and prevent slipping even on polished surfaces such as vinyl, laminates, marble and parquet flooring. These shoes have also been tested for slip resistance on all surfaces associated with the hospital environment.

Re-fill packs are also available (2,000 overshoes per pack).

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