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Dirt Trap Mat

Traps and removes dust and debris from foot and wheeled traffic.

  • 625mm x 1120mm Mat with 30 peelable layers

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Product overview

Our high-tack adhesive Dirt Trap Mat works wonders on removing dust and debris from foot and wheeled traffic.

Each mat (or tacky plastic sheet) is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, which means dust and dirt are effectively contained upon contact. Place our reliable mats in doorways to help reduce the need for cleaning in non-working areas, while managing debris control throughout fit-out and refurbishment projects.

Simply put our non-slip sticky mats directly onto a clean floor surface and achieve your desired results without damaging the floor below. 

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Key features

  • 30 peel-away, non –slip sticky mats for ease of use.
  • High tack adhesive effectively reduces dirt and debris transfer into clean areas.
  • A cost effective solution that is easy to install.

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