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Stick to finished surfaces

  • Ultra Low Tack Tape

    Ultra Low Tack Tape 

    Delicate Surface Ultra Low Tack Black Tape for use on Powder Coated Surfaces

    50mm x 100m Roll £12.37 (£10.31 Ex. VAT)
  • White Low Tack Tape

    White Low Tack Tape 

    White Low Tack Tape is ideal for sticking, jointing and masking to most finished surfaces

    Standard (50mm x 33m) Roll £5.53 (£4.61 Ex. VAT)
    Wide (75mm x 33m) Roll £8.29 (£6.91 Ex. VAT)
  • ZipWall<sup>®</sup> Zip Door Tape

    ZipWall® Zip Door Tape 

    The easiest way to re-use your ZipDoor Kit

  • Duo Tape

    Duo Tape 

    Double-sided tape with one high tack & one low tack side

    50mm x 33m Roll £9.46 (£7.88 Ex. VAT)