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Adhesive Tape


Protec supplies a wide range of adhesive tape solutions. From cloth tape to pvc tape, masking tape to double sided tape, making Protec the go-to destination for all construction tape, industrial tape and building tape needs. Browse our range of joining tapes, hazard warning tapes, masking tapes and adhesives for finished surfaces below. 

If you are a construction or a building services firm, why not take advantage of our custom printing to ensure consistent branding across your work area? Or if you work in the construction or building industry, why not request to join our corporate scheme for a dedicated account manager and volume discounts. 

Before Applying tape to finished surfaces, Protec always recommend a trial should be carried out to test suitability. Please ring our technical staff for specific advice. We do not recommend applying tape to veneer doors and recommend the use of our protective Door Sleeves for this application. Should you require samples of any of our adhesive tapes, please call on Freephone 0800 834 704.

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1. Protecting Doors While Painting Door Frames.Door frame protectors are essential as they often get discoloured and need re-painting. Protec's Door Protection Sleeves slide over doors and protect from various damage such as paint but we've found it is also great for protecting from scratches when moving furniture through doorways.Buy a pack of 25 Door Sleeves2. Protect carpets from paint!Whether you will be painting a room with hard wooden flooring or decorating a living room…

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Temporary flooring protection for your contract flooring project.Protection of interior floor finishes is often required on both new and refurbishment projects. Fast track programmes often include floor coverings installed prior to the completion of work by other trades and, to reduce the risk of damage, proper protection materials should be considered.When you’re looking for Floor Protection, there are many things to take into consideration before choosing which product you will use. We are frequently asked by our customers for advice on which products will provide the best protection in certain working environments.Choosing the correct floor protection for your needsThere are many…