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Polythene & Plastic Sheeting

Contain dust and dirt, and protect furniture or finished surfaces from any stray debris with our range of simple, effective polythene & plastic sheeting


Plastic dust sheets and polythene sheets are ideal for multiple uses

Polythene & plastic sheeting is a highly versatile temporary protection material for any construction or DIY project, and can be used in multiple different ways on-site or at home. They’re an effective way to protect furniture from any contamination, and stop dust or dirt from transferring into clean rooms. 

We stock an extensive range of multi-use protective plastic sheeting, perfect for keeping messy work contained to a specific area – and saving you the time, effort and potential cost of cleaning or replacing materials damaged by mud, dirt or dust. This includes clear polythene sheeting, with several flame retardant options in light, medium and heavy duty.

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