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  • Hanger Pins

    Hanger Pins 

    Easy to attach hanger pins for fast and effective hanging of protective sheets

    Hanger Pins (Pack 500) £81.00 (£67.50 Ex. VAT)
  • Small Bubble Wrap

    Small Bubble Wrap 

    Impact resistant small bubble wrapping material

    Wide (1200mm x 100m) £47.30 (£39.42 Ex. VAT)
    Standard (600mm x 100m) 2 rolls per pack £47.30 (£39.42 Ex. VAT)
  • Asbestos Bags

    Asbestos Bags 

    UN Certified Asbestos Bags for Safe Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos Waste Bags, CLEAR (box of 50) £37.30 (£31.08 Ex. VAT)
    Asbestos Waste Bags, RED (box of 50) £37.30 (£31.08 Ex. VAT)
  • Adhesive Remover

    Adhesive Remover 

    3M Citrus Adhesive Residue Cleaner Spray

    500ml Aerosol Spray £27.16 (£22.63 Ex. VAT)
  • 1000 Gauge Polythene

    1000 Gauge Polythene  

    Black BBA Approved Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

    4m x 25m Roll £46.92 (£39.10 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Light Duty

    FR Polythene - Light Duty 

    Cover, drape and hang Protec Flame Retardant White Polythene Sheeting

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 50m Roll £131.05 (£109.21 Ex. VAT)
  • Skyhook


    Trailing power leads are an accident waiting to happen - the Skyhook Cable Support is the answer

    Pack of 100 £186.60 (£155.50 Ex. VAT)
  • Flame Retardant Bubble Wrap

    Flame Retardant Bubble Wrap 

    Flame Retardant Bubble Wrap and Glass Protection

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    Wide (1200mm x 100m) £138.61 (£115.51 Ex. VAT)
    Extra Wide (1500mm x 100m) £173.28 (£144.40 Ex. VAT)
  • Heavy Duty Trapmat

    Heavy Duty Trapmat 

    Industrial Tacky Mats for dust and dirt containment

    610mm x 915mm Mat with 36 Peelable Layers £76.61 (£63.84 Ex. VAT)
  • Temporary Downpipe

    Temporary Downpipe 

    Temporary Rainwater Downpipe Sleeve prevents damage and staining to brickwork

    254mm x 200m Layflat Polythene Tube with 25 Cable Ties £70.78 (£58.98 Ex. VAT)
  • TPS Polythene Sheeting (Heavy)

    TPS Polythene Sheeting (Heavy) 

    Multi-folded Polythene Sheeting rolls for construction

    4m x 25m Roll £22.22 (£18.52 Ex. VAT)
  • Self Adhesive Bubble Wrap

    Self Adhesive Bubble Wrap 

    Roll of lightweight and waterproof bubble wrap film

    750mm x 100m (2 pack) £132.74 (£110.62 Ex. VAT)
  • Hessian Cloth

    Hessian Cloth 

    Roll of Hessian material for brickwork protection from frost

    1.37m x 42m Roll £46.82 (£39.02 Ex. VAT)
  • TPS Polythene Sheeting Roll (Medium)

    TPS Polythene Sheeting Roll (Medium) 

    Multi-folded TPS Polythene Sheeting rolls

    4m x 50m Roll £22.22 (£18.52 Ex. VAT)
  • 500 Gauge Polythene

    500 Gauge Polythene 

    Multi-Folded Clear Plastic Sheeting On A Roll

    4m x 25m Roll £47.47 (£39.56 Ex. VAT)
  • Disposable Overshoes

    Disposable Overshoes 

    Disposable elasticated plastic overshoes to fit all types of footwear

    Universal (100 pairs per pack) £32.92 (£27.43 Ex. VAT)
    Universal (1,000 pairs per pack) £158.11 (£131.76 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Medium Duty

    FR Polythene - Medium Duty 

    High quality protective flat white polythene sheeting

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 50m Roll £189.37 (£157.81 Ex. VAT)
  • Heavy Duty Tarpaulin

    Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 

    Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Sheets 100% Waterproof, Rot Proof and Tear Resistant

    3.5m x 5.4m Sheet £20.60 (£17.17 Ex. VAT)
  • Nylon Cable Ties

    Nylon Cable Ties 

    Heavy duty Nylon Cable Ties also known as Ratchet Ties

    300mm (100 pack) £10.49 (£8.74 Ex. VAT)
  • Tape Gun

    Tape Gun 

    Tape Gun Dispenser for Quick and Easy Tape Application

    Standard (50mm) £13.40 (£11.17 Ex. VAT)
    Wide (75mm) £15.73 (£13.11 Ex. VAT)
  • Dirt Trap Mat

    Dirt Trap Mat 

    Multi Layer Tacky Mat with 30 Peel-Away Sheets for repeat use

    625mm x 1120mm Mat with 30 peelable layers £56.63 (£47.19 Ex. VAT)
  • FR Polythene - Heavy Duty

    FR Polythene - Heavy Duty 

    Protective heavy duty polythene film

    LPCB 1207 Flame Retardant
    4m x 25m Roll £131.05 (£109.21 Ex. VAT)
  • Large Bubble Wrap

    Large Bubble Wrap 

    Impact resistant large bubble wrap roll

    1200mm x 50m Roll (Large Bubbles) £47.30 (£39.42 Ex. VAT)
  • Pallet Wrap

    Pallet Wrap 

    Clear Plastic Pallet Wrap Film

    400mm x 300m Roll with Extended Core (For ease of use) £19.37 (£16.14 Ex. VAT)
  • Corrugated Card

    Corrugated Card 

    General Purpose Corrugated Card Rolls

    Standard (600mm x 75m) Roll £19.66 (£16.38 Ex. VAT)
    Extra wide (1200mm x 75m) Roll £39.32 (£32.77 Ex. VAT)
  • Rubble Bags

    Rubble Bags 

    - Black Polythene Rubble Bags are reusable and recyclable

    508mm x 762mm (100 pack) £23.98 (£19.98 Ex. VAT)
  • Building Paper

    Building Paper 

    Strong Waterproof Building Paper for Temporary Protection

    1m x 100m Roll £44.26 (£36.88 Ex. VAT)
  • Cotton Dust Sheets

    Cotton Dust Sheets 

    Cotton Twill Dust Sheets are ideal for protecting finished surfaces when decorating

    3.66m x 2.75m Sheet £9.90 (£8.25 Ex. VAT)