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ZipWall Kit: 10 Reasons Why You Need One

We didn’t need to spend long writing what we think makes the ZipWall Kit amazing as our customers love it so much they have told us all about it. From tradesmen to DIY’ers, project managers on Construction sites to customers who are having their property renovated, here is why they think the ZipWall is great:

1)     ZipPole Stops Dust Particles from Spreading

“I'm renovating a house and it helps keep the dust and dirt in the parts where I'm working away from the rest of the house.” Nicky J

2)     Prevents Dust Aggravated Asthma During Renovation Projects

“My husband and I both suffer from Asthma. Most people complain about dust getting everywhere in the house when having an extension - this is definitely the answer to avoid that happening. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others.” Claire Rumble

3)     ZipWall Kit is Reusable

“Easy to use and reusable again and again. We tend to use these to place temporary polythene sheeting in domestic (and industrial) premises to screen off areas during asbestos removal.”  Paul Merritt

4)     ZipPole is Excellent Value for money

“Worth it's weight in gold. We had the screen up for 3 days and nights whilst the majority of our staircase was removed and replaced. The workmen naturally created a fair amount of dust, but none of it traveled outside of the working area. Luckily the workmen left their area clean each night and the zipwall, left the landing and bedrooms free from dust for the family." Jem

Don't forget, if you purchase a ZipPole kit, you need to purchase the Polythene Gauge Sheets which is only £2.52 per meter squared. Or why not check out our Heavy Duty Polythene Sheeting for a cost effective solution.

5)     ZipWall's Height Is Perfect For Company Projects

“We needed to screen off the front of a shop while the new shopfront was being fitted. The 6mtr poles gave enough height to screen the area. We are working in a new shopping area this kept the dust and debris contained to our unit” Steve

6)     Impress your Customers with ZipWall 

“My customer loves it and opens the zipper on a regular basis just to pass me a cup of tea!” Paul H

7)     No Taping So It Saves Time

“Our workman find this system very effective saving time and the need to tape vast areas of polythene around the customers house.” Mark Taylor

8)     Keep Construction Dirt Contained

“Keep the dust and dirt in the parts where I'm working away from the rest of the house.” Nicky

9)  Save Cleaning-Up Time

“I bought the 4 pole kit + a roll of plastic sheeting and it has saved me so much time when cleaning up.” Nicky J

10) ZipWall is Quick to Install

“What a great product! it took me slightly longer than a minute but i'm sure next time I will be able to install it quicker.” R Hunter

Here we have proven 10 happy customers found the ZipWall the ideal Temporary Dust Barrier system. So, where can you buy a ZipWall in the UK? Either on Protec's Website or if you have open a corporate Protec Account, contact Protec's Team today and receive further discounts. For August, we are offering 10% off the ZipWall Kit Range, including the Polythene 500 Gauge Sheets when you quote ZIPTEN plus free delivery to the UK mainland. Simply enter the code when you checkout.

For more information, view our ZipWall Range or check out our ZipPole Brochure.

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