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You Me Bum Bum Train

You Me Bum Bum Train

"You Me Bum Bum Train" is an extremely hip, pop-up immersive theatre/ performance art event that has attracted high critical acclaim in recent years. The show is a totally unique, not-for-profit event, supported by Arts Council England with wide-ranging benefits for the community.

Last year we won The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2010 which enabled us to co-produce a show with the Barbican throughout July 2010 in Bethnal Green, London. The show became the Barbican's fastest ever selling show, and we received extensive press, including becoming the winners of The Evening Standard Theatre Award 2010 for 'Outstanding Newcomer'. The show received 5 star reviews in almost every national newspaper.

To give you a brief idea of what the show is, we create a sequence of worlds that focus around each individual audience member, who literally becomes the star of the show. They travel alone throughout the entire experience, interacting with 200 performers. At our last show audience members were catapulted into 17 unimaginable situations before being returned to the outside world, including becoming a coach to an American football team, crowd surfing at a rock concert, and becoming a politician at a press conference.

YMBBT is very much a community based project and we aim to transform the lives of all our 1500+ volunteers through practical training in set building, acting, and all aspects of behind the scenes work. This year we are broadening our educational outreach programme, and will be working with several community groups that help people from under-privileged backgrounds find training and apprenticeships in building, carpeting, decorating etc. The show is not for profit and all members of the team, including the management, are voluntary. Every penny of our tiny arts council budget goes towards building the show.

You can see some of the amazing reactions to the show here:

This year we are attempting to create a number of stupidly ambitious scenes which will really up the ante. We always like to push the boundaries!

Read the YMBBT press release here

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