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Which Grade Of Proplex?: Get The Right Thickness For Your Requirements.

Floors are a valuable part of any property. They obviously form an essential part of any building structure, but if you’ve ever had wooden floors replaced in your house – or installed them as a part of a construction project, you’ll know just how expensive they are, and how much work is involved in fitting them.

So the last thing you’ll want to do is refit a floor if it’s damaged. That’s where temporary protection is essential.


Choosing Proplex for temporary protection for hard flooring

If you don’t know already, one of the best ways to protect any kind of hard flooring is with Proplex. It’s used right across the construction industry and several other trades because of its protective properties. And as it’s so easy to move, re-size and lay out, it’s great for use in your home too. 

Proplex boards are composed of twin wall polypropylene, which means they are strong and sturdy, whilst remaining flexible and lightweight. This makes Proplex ideal for impact protection in a variety of circumstances, as well as being easily applicable where you need it.

When you’re doing any kind of work that has the potential for heavy items to be dropped on surfaces, or for foot traffic to damage the floor, we’d definitely recommend a quick installation of Proplex. 

To prevent dents, scratches or holes – particularly in wooden, laminate or vinyl flooring – and ensure you don’t have to go through any costly re-fits, Proplex is lifesaver.


Deciding on the right grade and thickness

The key thing to remember about Proplex is that it comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, to help match your specific requirements. Just make sure you get the right protection for the task at hand.

The last thing you want is temporary protection that isn’t quite strong enough, as it then becomes irrelevant. Equally, there’s no need for extra strong protection if you just need light surface protection to be on the safe side.

We’re here to help ensure you get the right type of Proplex for your specific requirements. We offer grades from 2mm in thickness to 5mm, and the general rule of thumb is: the heavier the traffic and the more protection you need, the thicker the Proplex you should get.

For example, if you’re doing minor DIY work and just want to protect the floor from dropped paint brushes or screwdrivers, then you’d need a minimum of 2mm Proplex. But if you’re wheeling small machinery across the floor, then you’ll need the extra-tough 5mm Proplex.

To help you decide, you’ll find the different grades of Proplex listed below, with some examples of their suitable uses. We recommend the suggested Proplex grades as a minimum requirement; if you want to be sure of extra protection, you may wish to consider a higher grade.


Proplex 2mm

The starting grade of Proplex is great for any kind of medium foot traffic and every day requirements. It will protect the floor from dirt and scrapes, as well as minor damage from small tools and equipment.

Ideal for:

  • Most home DIY requirements
  • Areas where foot traffic is passing through
  • Preventing dirt and scratches
  • Large areas, with our 2mm Proplex rolls.
  • Use as a solid base in pet cages (rabbits, guinea pigs etc.), as it’s rot-proof and disposable. 


Proplex 3mm

3mm Proplex is suitable for medium to heavy foot traffic, and offers more protection from impact damage if you’re concerned about dropped items.

Ideal for:

  • Covering floors during work on the ceiling or roof
  • Protection during Loft conversions
  • Preventing damage from high heels
  • Temporary dance floors for house parties
  • Surface protection when re-tiling


Proplex 4mm

For any area with high or consistent foot traffic, 4mm Proplex is our minimum recommended grade. It provides protection from pieces of equipment and small vehicles.

Ideal for:

  • Floor protection if heavy items are being transported that might be dropped.
  • Surface protection for large bulky items, such as boilers.
  • Areas where tools equipment may be stored


Proplex 5mm

As our most serious grade of Proplex, the 5mm thickness offers full, heavy duty protection, and is suitable for the most demanding protection roles. It can even protect interior floors from the weight of a small excavator.

Ideal for:

  • Very heavy footfall
  • Heavy vehicles and equipment
  • High value flooring


Got specific requirements or need more advice?

If you’re still not sure exactly which grade of Proplex you require to ensure maximum protection, or you have some specific tasks to protect against and want our advice, we’re here to help.

Our expert team are available on Live Chat or on the phone at 0800 834 704 5 days a week, from 7.30am - 5.30pm. Alternatively, you can always email us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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